Boulder Elementary School is committed to providing continual professional development to those who work with our community’s students. 

The building staff meets weekly, discusses various theories and methods of best practices, and brings professionals into the building to provide continuing education opportunities. Everyone is encouraged and supported in continued staff development for educators.

Elizabeth Julian, Elementary Teacher & School Administrator

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Elizabeth is the Head Teacher at Boulder Elementary School and was the 2019 Utah Education Association Excellence in Teaching Award recipient. She believes in continually growing as a professional and is passionate about inspiring children with a love of lifelong learning.

Elizabeth earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a concentration in Sociology and Studio Art from the University of Vermont in 2003. Elizabeth graduated with honors receiving the Elementary Education Program Diversity Award, recognizing her efforts to advance the Elementary Education program’s mission of strategically teaching all children in diverse communities.

Before teaching at Boulder Elementary, she trained in various experiential education programs and was a wilderness guide throughout the United States. Elizabeth has lived in Boulder with her husband since 2008 and has been in her current role at Boulder Elementary School since the 2014-2015 school year.

In addition to her role at the school, she volunteers at the Boulder Library, serves as a board member of the Boulder Arts Council and Boulder Wellness Network, was previously a Boulder Town Planning Commissioner, and is currently an elected Town Council Member.

         Continuing Education for Elizabeth Julian:
• 2021 Interactive Read-Alouds: Amp Up the Rigor of Your Picture Books in Grades 2-5
• 2021 Center for Responsive Schools’ Elementary Core Course
• 2021 S.P.I.R.E. Reading Intervention Training
• 2021 Success with Simplify Writing
• 2020 i-Ready Math Training
• 2021 Center for Responsive Schools’ Keep the Fire Burning!
• 2020 SuperKids Training
• 2020 i-Ready Math Training
• 2020 Words Have Power! Protecting Intellectual Freedom, Utah Library Media
• 2019-2020 Bootup, Computer Science PD
• 2019 Master Mentor Sentences Grades 3-5
• 2019 Master Mentor Sentences Grades K-2
• 2019 National CS for ALL Summit
• 2019 STEM Action Center, Mathematics Digital Learning
• 2019 Literacy and Leadership Conference
• 2018 Kindergarten Entry and Exit Profile Training
• 2018 STEM Action Center, Mathematics Digital Learning
• 2018 Mathematics Professional Development: What’s Your Game Plan?
• 2018 DIBELS Math Mentor Training
• 2018 DIBELS Math Data Analysis and Professional Development
• 2018 STEM Best Practices Conference
• 2018 NASA/SUU STEM Workshop for Teachers
• 2018 Stanford University Graduate School of Education Course: How to Teach Math with Jo Boaler
• 2017-2018 DIBELS Next and Amplify: Data Analysis for School and District Leaders
• 2017 Staff Development for Educators National Conference
• 2016 DIBELS Next, Pathways of Progress
• 2016 Mountain West Arts Conference

Alexxia (Lexxi) Johnson, Paraeducator

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Lexxi began her career as an educator at Boulder Elementary School during the 2016-2017 school year.  She is the lead teacher of Boulder’s preschool program, implementing the Connect4Learning curriculum.  She also provides intervention in early literacy and mathematics for elementary students and core instruction as needed.

Lexi grew up in Boulder and attended Boulder Elementary School. She was a student at Escalante High School and graduated from Utah Online School in May 2016.

         Continuing Education 

• 2018 Mathematics Professional Development: What’s Your Game Plan?